Age no barrier to Pub2Pub marvels

August 27, 2019

92 year old Ted Cavanagh (left) and 83 year old Margaret Hawes (right)

While so many young participants featured among the prize-winners at this year’s Pub2Pub (including 12 year old Hannah Stevenson who was the 3rd fastest female over 13km!), there were some super athletes at the other end of the spectrum too.

Margaret Hawes, (aged a spritely 83) completed the 6km event with her daughter, son-in-law, two grandchildren and the family dog as part of the San Filippo Children’s Foundation Team. Her daughter Diana couldn’t believe it when she had to slow to a walk after injuring a hamstring, only to see her mum flash by at full stretch! “Mum’s incredible”, said Diana. “She was still playing tennis until very recently and is amazingly fit for her age.”

But Margaret is considerably younger than our oldest competitor this year. That title belongs to 92 year old Ted Cavanagh… and Ted completed the 13km event!

He covered the entire distance with his 23 year old granddaughter Olivia (on the right in this pic.) and her good friend Brittany. They were running for a cause very close to their hearts. Ted’s daughter Jan – Olivia’s mum – was cut down by cancer 18 months ago at just 56 years of age. And Ted’s son (Olivia’s uncle) is now also fighting the disease. Bittany’s mum was Jan’s best friend.

“My Pop and I are inseparable”, said Olivia. “I speak with him every day. He’s honestly my best friend. We’re both still hurting from losing mum and seeing my uncle face the same battle, which is why we entered the Pub2Pub to raise funds for Cure Cancer Australia.”

Even at 92, Ted beat several participants to the Finish Line and is already looking forward to taking on the challenge with his granddaughter again in 2020. “Pop is absolutely incredible. He worked for Kellogg’s for some 40 years and walked several kilometres to and from work each and every day. Not only that, he looked for the hardest route to cover… the one that had the most hills,” said Olivia.

“We’re born and bred locals and still live in Warriewood, Pop in the Warriewood Brook Retirement Village. I am so proud of his effort in the Pub2Pub. He did no training whatsoever, but was still determined to complete the full 13km. And while we walked for much of that distance, he didn’t stop at any stage.”

A huge congratulations to Ted and Margaret and the many other seniors who took part in the 27th Pub2Pub this year. They’ve proven conclusively that the Pub2Pub is for both the young AND the young at heart.


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