Sunday, 28 August 2022
Dee Why Beach to Newport Beach

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Team & Family Registrations

Family Registration

Beach2Beach is a family-friendly fun run that offers a special rate of $140 (Early Bird $120) for a family of up to 6 people (2 adults, 4 juniors). Each ‘Family Pack’ is open to between 3 and 6 family members, consisting of at least 1 adult and 2 juniors (17 years and below). Family race pack postage is avaiable to safe on postage costs.

Things to know about Family Registrations

  • Each family registration must have a Family ‘Captain’ (Administrator)
  • To keep things simple, only the Family Captain can add family members (Participants) during the registration process.
  • Each individual within the Family can choose his or her own course option (13km, 6km, 3km). Note: There’s no longer a requirement for the whole family to run the one distance.
  • A Family can join an existing Team, but cannot create a new Team. Note: If the team does not yet exist, first create the team, then your Family can join that team.
  • Race Pack Postage: When you register your family, choose family postage only for the family captain. For all other family members, choose the pick-up race pack option. We will recognise you as a family and post all race-packs together. For the combined postaged you need to add all family members in one go. When adding family members at a later stage, new postage need to be paid.

25% Cashback for Schools and Teams

Beach2Beach is keen to have more school students and Teams involved in our big charity event ….. so we have a major incentive for ALL Schools and larger Teams to register.

Who is eligible for the 25% Cashback Offer?

  • Schools: Every Primary or High School that enters a Team in the 2021 Beach2Beach will receive a guaranteed 25% ‘cashback’ on all entry fees for their Team. That’s automatic cash straight back to the school, to be spent on any worthwhile initiative that benefits students, or money that can be given directly to each school’s chosen charity.
  • Other Teams: The same 25% Cashback will be applied to any group or organisation that enters a Team of 25 or more, the cashback going directly to the Team’s chosen charity.

Team Registration

Creating a Team Each Team requires a Team Name and a Team Leader (Administrator). To create a Team:

  • Register your Team Name and Team Leader’s contact details
  • Select how you want people to join your Team (Public – anybody can join your Team, Private – only those you invite can join your Team, Password – a Team password is required to join your Team)
  • Select your Team payment option (Team members each pay for their individual registration or Team Leader pays for all registrations at the same time)
  • Once your Team is created, you can add yourself to the Team, add others, manage the Team or share the Team link.

Adding Members to your Team As a Team Leader, you can add members to your Team yourself, but you will need their complete registration profile (i.e. contact details, date of birth, emergency contact info., choice of course option -13km, 6km or 3km) and you’ll need to pay for their registration… OR you can invite friends and family to join your Team themselves.  In that case, send them your Team link or just let them know your Team Name so they can search for it when they register, enabling them to join your Team. Each Team member can individually choose whichever course distance they wish to run – 13km, 6km, 3km.

Managing a Team Once you’ve created your Team, you can go back at any time to add more members to your Team, contact Team members, organise delivery of Race Bibs, etc. As Team Manager, you manage your Team using your personal login.

Team Leader Boards & Prizes Team and individual prizes inject a bit of healthy competition into the event. Subject to sponsorship, Prizes will be awarded to those charities nominated by the winning Teams and individuals. Check out the Leader Boards to see how you’re going.

Joining a Team You can join a team as an individual (Participant) or as a Family. Just search for the Team Name then select that Team as the one you wish to join. Changing Teams If later on you want to change Teams, you can by following the instructions on the Participant Summary e-Mail you’ll receive after registration.