Get Road Runner ready – F45’s Top 7 Tips!

May 10, 2018

You’ve signed up for Pub2Pub and set your personal goal… now it’s time to fire up your motivation and get Road Runner ready, so you have a blast at this Fun Run & Festival.


  1. Does the shoe fit? – Be honest, how old are your sneakers? Pop down to your local sports/footwear store and get a professional fit. Finding the right running shoe for you will be sure to help with comfort and performance.
  2. Get a plan Stan – Begin at the beginning and find a plan that works for you. Map out how many times a week you can commit to training and don’t start above your head. Be sure your plan is compatible with your current fitness level, increasing your run time and distance gradually over the next few months.
  3. Buddy up – Find a running friend! Training together is always better. Meeting up with others to train and run will make it fun and keep you accountable too.
  4. HIIT it out – Becoming a better runner doesn’t begin and end with running. Adding High Intensity Interval Training, like an F45 workout, to your regular training has been proven to increase endurance and improve running performance due to its strengthening and explosive aspects. HIIT training could be the key to getting you over that finish line faster.
  5. Chow down clean – Does the food you’re putting in your gob support your goal? Eating healthy will help fuel your runs, repair your body, make you feel better and improve your performance.
  6. H2O’s the go – About 60% of you is water. Trust us, your body will thank you for drinking more water over the next 3 months.
  7. Tights just not right – Time to get stretchy and flexy.
     – Before: Doing dynamic warm ups prior to training helps your body prepare for exercise and lowers the risk of injury by ensuring your body is warm and ready.
     – After: Stretching at the end of your workout helps you maintain long term flexibility benefits and will mean fewer aches and pains the next day.

Have fun + stay speedy!

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