How Do I Start Running?

May 9, 2019

The summer heat is gone, running seems like a good idea. Even better, why not consider entering a fun run? But how do you start running? Below are some tips that I used when I first started to run.

Health Check
If you have never run before, you should spend some time walking or doing some other form of exercise first before hooking into a run program. A good guide would be comfortably handling 30 minutes of exercise per day, four or five days per week.

Pick an event
A big motivator to continue your running is the challenge of a looming event. If you decide to do an event give yourself plenty of time, at least 8 to 12 weeks, so you can get yourself in great shape in plenty of time.

Buy some good shoes
To avoid injury during your new running regime it’s important that you’re equipped with the most appropriate pair of running shoes that are suitable for your foot type and running style right from the start. Visit the Brooks Shoe Finder to get some more information.

Get a training Buddy
Find someone at work or a friend that is also curious about running and start together. It’s always easier when you have someone holding you accountable for your runs.

Start gradually
Like a good red, running and fitness take time to mature. Start slowly with walk-runs (i.e. 10m walk, 2m run, twice through) then gradually increase the time spent running. Then once you are running for 90% of the time increase the total time slowly (no more than 10% at a time).

“As a guide, you will have a good experience running a 5k fun run if you are running 2-3 times per week between 30-45 minutes.”

Run somewhere different
You will quickly find a favourite course around your area. However, a good way to keep it fresh is to try and do your longer run on the weekend in a different location. Try a national park, beach or river.

Join a group
It will take a couple of events to get the hang of it. After your first event you might consider entering a club. This is what I did and it was great because it improved my performance by getting coached and it was very social, which kept me coming back.

Author: Sarah Crowley, World Champion Triathlete, Ironman Champion, Ironman 70.3 Champion Marathon Champion, Professional triathlete, Team Brooks Athlete

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