How to find the perfect running shoe

May 24, 2018

What’s the perfect running shoe? There is no single perfect shoe, because it depends on you – your foot shape and how you run. So let’s narrow it down…..

Ensuring you get the best fit for your foot, is essential to the support being effective. If you have a very flat foot you need to choose a shoe that accommodates this – usually a straight lasted shoe. If you have a medium-high arch, a semi-curve shoe will hug through the midfoot to ensure a supportive fit. The range of width fittings we have available allows you to get the ideal fit for your foot shape.

The amount of support you require will depend on how much your feet roll in when running/walking.

neutral shoe has the same density of material through the entire midsole, for a foot that is applying even pressure on either side (i.e. not rolling in). A support shoe will be reinforced with a firmer density midsole material at the arch, to resist compression when your foot is rolling in. A maximum support shoe will have even more of this firmer density foam, to help prevent feet from rolling in too far.

Cushioning is all about protecting the body, and providing an optimal running experience.

If a shoe is too soft or too firm, it may not provide adequate protection against the forces your body endures when running. Our running shoes use a combination of advanced midsole compounds that adapt a runner’s unique needs and wants, to keep you running happier and longer.

As well as having different biomechanics, runners also have very different expectations of their run.

Brooks running shoes are available in a range of styles designed to provide a variety of running experiences. We have developed our “float” range to allow you to switch off and cruise through your run. And our “feel” range provides a more engaged run with increased responsiveness and connection to the terrain. They will all get you from “A-to-B”‘ but you can choose the experience.

Still can’t decide which shoe is right for you? Check out our Shoe Finder tool which will help recommend the best Brooks running shoes for you.

Written by: Sarah Wilson, Brooks Senior Technical Representative

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