Top 5 Tips for a Great Race

August 20, 2018

Whether you are a gun going for the win; or a first timer who is doing a fun run for the first time. We have 5 tips that will help give you the best race experience possible.

My number 1 tip to EVERYONE who competes in a fun-run. Make sure you are fully hydrated BEFORE you get to the start line… and no – that does NOT mean sucking down a two-litre bottle of water an hour before the event (or an extra stubble the night before). It means, a few days before the event drinking a steady amount of liquid which includes a mixture of electrolytes with water. This strategy should be continued through to the lead-up to the event.
Both electrolytes and water play a key role in your bodies cooling mechanism and both are lost at different levels from light to vigorous activity.
Mix a sachet of electrolyte with 500mL of water and drink every 2hours.

Be early
Trust me – there is absolutely nothing worse than running late for an event. Trying to find a park, looking for a toilet, finding the start line etc. the worst mistake you can make is being late and panicking before you have even gotten to the start line. My advice is to plan on being there super early. You can sit in the car; take some pics of the start line to send to a friend; meet some like-minded runners; soak up the pre-race buzz whilst watching the sun rise over the beach; or even find a spot and meditate before the event kicks off. Being there early decreases anxiety levels and helps you maximise your enjoyment levels.

Plan your race
One of the best things you can do is to research and plan your event. Know areas that you are strong, and areas that you will find tough. Remember that there is always a mad rush at the start of the race and usually the first mistake you can make is to get caught-up in this rush. Pace your event, can you make up time on the hills? Awesome, take it easy on the flats. Would you prefer to have a run/walk strategy – great!
Run for 5min/walk for 1min – plans such as these will help you control your own race / rather than allowing the event to control you.

Cue-words are great things that you can repeat to yourself in the event. They are excellent ways to help you overcome those difficult periods in the event when you are struggling. Or even encourage you when you are feeling good. Repeat them to yourself in training and they can really make a difference in the event.
Going up a hill and finding yourself tiring? Use words such as ‘focus’ ‘control’ ‘breath’.
Running well, and feeling good? Use words such as ‘strong’ ‘fast’ ‘smashing’.

Get a post-event pic
You have done all the hard work! Now is the time to celebrate this huge achievement by grabbing a sweaty picture with your finishes medal. Post event pics help to maximise your event enjoyment for longer after the race by giving you a visual on what you have achieved. Post it on social media, show your family, even print it out and pin it on your bedroom door for extra motivation for the next goal.
(Anytime Fitness will be providing post-event pictures – look for the big running man symbol at the end of the event in Newport)

Race well, and we will see you out there.

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