Xtend Barre can help you get over the Finish Line

June 21, 2019

Running increasingly longer distances isn’t the only way to prepare for the Pub2Pub Charity Fun Run. In fact, professional long-distance runners incorporate a whole range of strength and conditioning exercises into their weekly workout schedule. These exercises are key for ensuring your muscles are strong around the joints and prepared for the intensity and longevity of running a long distance. Strength and conditioning training is also vital for protecting your body from injury.

Running is a 100% single leg movement, so it’s important to do lots of 1 leg exercises to ensure good dynamic hip stability. The other important group of muscles to train are the core trunk muscles. With good core stability, the legs are free to move, without impacting on the pelvic position and you are less likely to get lower back pain as a result. As a discipline, Xtend Barre focuses on whole of body movement, delivering cardio, strength, endurance and flexibility – all the key essentials when training for a long run. It can help you run your best race yet!


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